12 October 2017

INBC 2017

The first Instituto de Neurociencias Bonsai Course (INBC 2017) took place in the campus of the Universidad Miguel Hernández, San Juan de Alicante, from 4-7 September. During this four day intensive course, participants were introduced to the Bonsai visual language for reactive programming, and how to use it to design their own neuroscience experiments.

The topics covered precise synchronization of electrophysiology signals with video or other data streams; the design of data-acquisition and processing pipelines; and how to create interactive closed-loop behaviour systems. We also discussed how to track coloured or moving objects; how to use Bonsai to design behaviour tasks; and how to streamline analysis of large datasets, among many other things.

We were also very lucky to count with the participation of Aarón Cuevas López from the Open-Ephys team as a guest teaching assistant. Aarón provided invaluable support and an introduction to the Open-Ephys data acquisition board.

By the end of the course, at least twelve different groups were able to successfully create their own experiments combining Arduino, Open-Ephys, webcams, NI-DAQ cards and PointGrey cameras.

All slides and support materials are available at the INBC 2017 website.